The question that runs through your mind at this point is; how can I make my wedding a memorable experience for my spouse and me? Do not worry, here are a few tips if you want your wedding to be successful.


The best way to start is to estimate the cost of the wedding. try to know the cost of satisfying one guest and make sure that you have a limited number of invitees to your wedding. For example, if you have a general budget of 2million Naira, and end up inviting up to 500 guests to your wedding that amounts to 4000 Naira for each guest without adding other expenses like event hall, decorations, and photography.


The next step is to talk to an event planner or contact event services.

most people try to cut costs by contacting event services or hotels that provide wedding venues. some hotels provide event halls and catering services and also help in planning the wedding so it is important to select an event venue that matches the budget and vision of the event.

secondly try to know your guest and what they like, and where there will be traveling from this will help you to stick to your budget. it is best advised that the church wedding and receptions for guests are held in proximity to facilitate quick movement for guests.


If you have already chosen the best event hall for your wedding venue, the next thing is to look for a good caterer, decorator, and photographer that will fit into your budget plan. Organize vendors meeting and make sure every vendor should be available on time to avoid late show-ups.

Some event hall in victoria island provides vendor support such as decorations, catering services, and event planning consultations to couples who wants to avoid the high cost of using external event planners.

With the excitement from your engagement, it might be overwhelming for you, how and where to begin your planning; and that is very understandable. Especially, since it will be the best event in a lifetime you will ever have to plan. Understanding what works for you is key in achieving a successful wedding.